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British s.e.x offender was given a good reference to allow him to teach in Kenya

A British s.e.x offender was given a good reference to allow him to teach at a Kenyan school, according to the Daily Mail.

The school is believed to be Pembroke House in Gilgil, a primary and secondary school popular with the elite and white Kenyans, where he taught maths from 2010 to 2012.

Paul Stevens, 62, left the £21,000-a-year Abberley Hall School in Worcestershire in 1999 after suspicions were raised against his behaviour towards pupils.He was last year jailed for 19 years at Warwick Crown Court for subjecting three boys to horrific abuse at the institution.

But it has now emerged Stevens abused more youngsters after being handed a glowing reference by the school to find another job in Kenya.

Judge Andrew Lockhart QC expressed concerns Stevens was given a reference by the school and said the “whole file needed reviewing’ by authorities”, according to the Daily Mail.

Stevens was allowed to go on to commit two offences of voyeurism during his time working in Africa in 2012.But he remained in the teaching profession and in 2010 he took up a post at boarding school in Kenya.

Among the boys at Pembroke was an 11-year-old who was ‘well-developed for his age’ and found communal showering embarrassing, as Stevens would stand and watch them, according to the Daily Mail.On one occasion the boy, who had taken to wearing swimming shorts in the shower, decided to wash after the other boys had finished, only for Stevens to follow him in.

The prosecutor said. “The defendant made him remove his swimming shorts, and when he turned to the wall made him turn round and move his hands with which he had been covering himself.”

showers“He then made him wash while the defendant stood and watched.”“On another occasion the boy stayed in his room at shower time, only for Stevens to go in and tell him to undress.”

“The boy tried to cover himself with a towel and put swimming shorts on, but Stevens made him remove them and stand naked in front of him.”

The boy told his father but when the matter was raised with the headteacher, “she seemed to dismiss them as trouble-makers” but it was taken further, and Stevens eventually dismissed.

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