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This old throw back pic of Femi One is enough to show the girl has come from afar

You may know Femi One for her hit songs and features, including “Utawezana?”, “Ligi Soo” and “Form Today”. However, did you know that she wasn’t born to a silver spoon?

From being a tomboy to the top female rapper in Kenya, she has truly undergone a major transformation. Here’s a quick video of her when she was starting out; rapping on Homeboyz radio.

Now, as a reminder to her fans about how far she has come, the femcee took to Instagram to share a throwback photo of her very first photoshoot. This got people talking. Some of the comments were hilarious!

Some of her fans jokingly told her how far she’s come.

dee_best_world Femi Uno ulikuwa innocent Mbaya

wanjawanjoroge Hapa wacha tu tuseme ni sawa😂😂

venroraval This is a hot throwback 😍

vinconthebeat Btw huyu femi alikua mkitu kuliko huyu femi wa skuizi

Femi One is currently in Tanzania on a tour with other Kaka Empire members. Now that life is slowly going back to normal, she’s out there making money, to make up for what was lost during the height of the pandemic.

She’s among the artists who might have lost a lot this year. In fact, Khaligraph Jones came out, asking the government to reopen the creative economy so that artists can resume earning a livelihood.

“Kindly on behalf of the creative industry of Kenya, we are requesting you allow us to get back to work, allow for the reopening of clubs and restaurants, measures and precautions shall be taken to ensure Covid-19 doesn’t spread further,” he requested.

The post, which was echoed by many artists across the board is a reflection of how COVID-19 has impacted millions.

“The youth are suffering from depression in silence. Kindly look into this matter. Also, some of our hits songs are going to waste. People want to see @femi_one and @mejjagenge perform ‘Utawezana’,” he added.

Here are the latest Femi One pics to show you how far she’s come:

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