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Zodwa waBantu is at it again, flaunting her [email protected] behind

Reality Television star Zodwa WaBantu is at it again, flaunting her famous assets. If there is one person comfortable in their own skin, Zodwa is definitely it. This has made her lovable by men and women from all walks of life, with some envious of the confidence she oozes.

Zodwa recently shared some pictures taken on stage shaking her @ss to a huge crowd. This must have been before Covid hit and Zodwa must be missing her gigs. Men and women are seen holding their phones taking pictures and videos of Zodwa’s [email protected] behind.

Check out some of Zodwa’s priceless moments;

Zodwa WaBantu sure knows how to keep her crowds happy. Many cannot wait for her live shows to resume.

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Akothee’s major clap back silences haters – check out her extravagant kitchen (Video)

Singer and philanthropist, Akothee lives life on her own terms and unapologetically so, but when you think she has not upgraded enough to your perceived standards, then you just dug your own grave.

The melanin-skinned beauty has declared war on her trolls who dissed her kitchen space for being too simple and traditional unlike what one would expect of a celebrity of her kind of status.

AkotheeCurrently residing in her home in Rongo, the businesswoman who knows every corner of her house, decided to take fans and her critics aboard an exclusive tour of her flashy kitchen and test what more they had to rubbish about her properties. Learn more…..

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