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Love could be brewing between two senators who have not been seeing eye to eye for over a year

Love could be brewing between two senators who have not been seeing eye to eye for over a year. The two lawmakers had bitter verbal exchanges last year but it appears they have made up. Last week, the two senators were seen having a ‘private’ and lengthy discussion at a canteen at Parliament Buildings as they laughed out loud. It has emerged that some Senate ‘elders’ could have done a lot behind the scenes to broker a truce. In a gesture of kindness, the two senators who hail from the same county are planning a joint charity event in their backyard in the coming weeks.

Still on matters Senate, a senator from Nyanza known for his flip flop character has panicked since graft claims rocked the Senate a week ago. The lawmaker who came under attack from politicians from his county over his stand on the revenue formula no longer picks calls from his colleagues. Ashamed and unapologetic, the senator has decided to go underground and avoid any physical interactions with his peers and colleagues. There are reports that the senator could have been highly compromised by powerful forces who wanted to tilt the vote in the Senate. Our small bird says his rivals are gathering facts with a view of countering him politically.

Kenya parliamentA legislator who was kicked out from a powerful party post is a worried woman. The lawmaker now believes her past sins could come back to haunt her. There are reports that party officials are contemplating cracking the whip on her after she defied the official position on a crucial matter. The lawmaker has allegedly expressed fears the party leader may not tolerate her defiance any more. To make matters worse, her plan to book an appointment with the party boss has been thwarted amid claims the leader is not keen in meeting her. Chickens could have come home to roost too soon for the ex-high-flying party official who had her cake and ate it alone.

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William Ruto tells off Jubilee members rooting for a Raila Odinga presidency

Deputy President William Ruto has asked a section of Jubilee leaders not contented with the party affairs to quit.

He said it was absurd that some of them had opted to rally behind a candidate from a rival outfit for the 2022 general elections.

William Ruto 2“Those at Jubilee House who have decided that their presidential candidate is from Orange House should pack and go; what are they still doing at our party’s head office?” He posed.

He said he was not shaken by the negative energy emanating from power brokers, who did not want him to vie for presidency. Read more……………………….

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