Kiddwaya gets strike and Erica a final warning – #BBNaija

Biggie delivered a mix of good and bad news to the Lockdown Housemates tonight: Kiddwaya was issued a strike while Erica got a strong and final warning. On the sweet side, Nengi and Prince were rewarded with an all-expense-paid trip to the One Africa Music Fest in Dubai plus N250 000 each, courtesy of Pepsi.

A win for Nengi and Prince

Biggie kicked off another footage review session with the Housemates by first congratulating team Tekno for putting up such a great performance and winning the overall Pepsi Task earlier in the week. He added that team Tiwa’s stellar performance in the jigsaw puzzle challenge was also noticed and therefore, Pepsi has rewarded them with a prize: an all-expense-paid VVIP trip to the One Africa Music Fest in Dubai as well N250 000 each. Understandably, the news was met with jubilation and excitement by the pair.

Nengi and PrinceThings get serious

Things were quick to take a different turn when Biggie asked Housemates to view some footage from earlier in the week. It showed Kiddwaya flipping his fingers at the camera, clearly showing blatant disrespect for Biggie’s authority. This caused Biggie to refer to article 18 in the rule book which is dedicated to prohibited behaviour, particularly on page 14. This section of the article tackles rudeness to Big Brother which is listed as a punishable offence.

A strike and a final warning

To Erica and Kiddwaya, Biggie said “your actions have no other words to describe them but blatant disrespect to Big Brother and the viewers. Your flipping of fingers to the camera did not go unnoticed. The first incident occurred on the same day you were both issued a strike for disrespecting the Head of House rule.” Biggie added that he decided to be lenient on them because they were issued a strike for that offence already.

Erica was then issued a strong and final warning while Kiddwaya was issued a strike, meaning that one more strike will result in immediate disqualification from the Big Brother house.

KiddricaIt remains to be seen if the two will toe the line as we look forward to more drama in season 5.

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