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Kevin Omwenga burial in pictures, RIP Kevin

Kevin Omwenga, the slain Nairobi based controversial businessman was laid to rest at his rural home. The 28-year-old was buried at his family home in Soko village, Kitutu Chache constituency a week after he was shot dead by a close friend.

Kevin 5Omwenga’s family and friends appealed for justice for the deceased saying his untimely death was regrettable. “Let justice be done for my brother. I raised Kevin after the death of our father. The one who shot you knows why he did so. God will deal with him in his best way,” his brother Wycliffe said.

Kevin 3


Omwenga burialKevin was shot in his chest by Robert Ouko, a bodyguard to another businessman Chris Obure.

Kevin Omwenga burial

The duo is still in police custody as the murder case and investigation continues.

Omwenga burial 3Chief government pathologist Johansen Oduor said the bullet tore through the heart leading to the collapse of the left lung and a lot of internal bleeding in the left side of the chest.

Kevin 4Betty Kyallo posted a photo of the tribute book with the message,


Kevin 2

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