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Kenyans stranded in Beirut ask government to intervene

Scores of Kenyans who are currently living in the streets of Beirut have asked the government to intervene, end their plight and bring them back home.

They are part of over 300,000 people who were left homeless after a massive explosion rocked Beirut, killing over 100.

According to a statement by the Kenya Diaspora Alliance, kids as young as 3-years-old, and pregnant women have had to live in the streets in utter squalor.

The workers have also protested against the newly-introduced Kafala system that gives employers enormous control of the employees.

The system has seen employees work odd hours, their wages held and confiscation of their travel documents.

They are now calling for the replacement of the Kenyan consul in Lebanon for labelling the stranded protesters employment and immigration status as ”unknown”.

Kenyans in Beirut 3“Whether documented or not, these are Kenyans who need to be back home with their people,” said Dr. Shem Ochuodho, KDA Chairperson.

“The Ministry of Labour needs to revisit and preferably review policies regarding Domestic Workers that find themselves in the Middle East in inhuman conditions,” he continued.

54 Kenyans from Lebanon are expected to arrive in Kenya between Saturday and Sunday.

They had previously protested outside the Kenyan consulate in Beirut, throwing stones while accusing the consul of being blind to their issues.

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