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Here’s More Proof That Diamond Could Easily Be The Richest Musician In East Africa

Diamond owns several homes in Tanzania and one in South Africa. He has dated the finest women in East Africa. Simba has also been linked to several international women.

He has done songs with rich American celebrities like Rick Ross, Ne-Yo and Omarion. The ‘African Beauty’ crooner recently bought a Rolls Royce, which is worth tens of millions.

He was the first African musician to hit 1 billion YouTube views. Diamond also has the most subscribed musician YouTube channel in Sub-Saharan Africa, at 4 million and counting.

In short, he has a lot of money. He often posts Instagram videos of himself counting mountains of cash. That’s not enough to prove that he is the richest, though.


The latest move confirms that he is unmatched. At a recent concert, Diamond literally came to stage onboard a chopper. I mean, he could have just walked in or come in one of his expensive cars. But instead, he chose to hop in a helicopter, and within a minute, he was on stage, performing to a massive crowd at the Benjamin Mkapa stadium in Tanzania.

The self-proclaimed lion took to Instagram to share the clip, much to the awe of his many fans in Kenya. The event organizer, Simba FC, staged a concert to celebrate their latest league triumph. The stadium was filled with the club fans, who were wearing the team’s red jersey. Diamond performed some of his biggest hits, including “Simba”, which is a tribute to the team.

Here’s the clip that we’re talking about:

If this is how Diamond Platnumz is pulling then the brother is rolling in the monies.

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