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William Ruto tells off Jubilee members rooting for a Raila Odinga presidency

Deputy President William Ruto has asked a section of Jubilee leaders not contented with the party affairs to quit.

He said it was absurd that some of them had opted to rally behind a candidate from a rival outfit for the 2022 general elections.

“Those at Jubilee House who have decided that their presidential candidate is from Orange House should pack and go; what are they still doing at our party’s head office?” He posed.

He said he was not shaken by the negative energy emanating from power brokers, who did not want him to vie for presidency.

“We are prepared and fit for the 2022 race based on our development track-record, issues and policies that will make our country a better place for everyone,” added Dr Ruto.

He spoke on Saturday in Nyali and Mvita constituencies where he held a series of meetings with political and religious leaders in the area.

Ruto was accompanied by MPs Mohamed Ali (Nyali), Benjamin Tayari (Kinango), Lydia Haika (Woman Rep, Taita Taveta), Khatib Mwashetani (Lunga Lunga), Wangui Ngirici (Woman Rep, Kirinyaga) Gladys Sholei (Woman Rep, Uasin Gishu) and Kimani Ichungwa (Kikuyu).

At the same time, the Deputy President called on Jubilee leaders to stand firm in the wake of intensified intimidation and coercion.

He said they were not worth their time, adding that Jubilee was committed to uniting the country further.

This, he added, would help in doing away with ethnic hate and division that have slugged the country’s development strides for decades.

“Let us not go back to the archaic way of doing politics. We risk polarising the country.”

He asked leaders to be progressive and embrace development-oriented politics.

Mr Ali and Mr Omar criticised those hell-bent to review the constitution saying it was not a priority at a time Kenyans were suffering from extreme poverty and unemployment as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak.

William Ruto“What is wrong with our Constitution that needs an urgent change? Our problems are rooted in corruption and that is where our energy should be directed,” said the lawmaker.

He observed that it was time the coastal region rallied behind a progressive and focussed leader like the Deputy President.

On his part, Mr Mwashetani said leaders from the region would come up with their own political vehicle whose key focus would be on addressing the challenges of the people in the area.

“It is this new vehicle that we would use to strike a solid partnership with the Deputy President as he seeks to be the fifth President of our country,” said the Lunga Lunga MP.

Mr Mwashetani said Coast region had grown tired of being used as a stepping stone by other leaders to elevate themselves politically.

“We would work together with like-minded leaders for a more developed Kenya,” said Mr Tayari.

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