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The S.e.x.i.e.s.t yummy mummy in Kenya – Maureen Waititu in pictures

First things first, Maureen survived a nasty breakup and used the stones thrown at her to build a budding empire. After a highly publicized relationship with Frankie, the two eventually separated, much to the shock of many.

In a previous interview with Grace Msalame, Maureen explained what happened. She maturely opened up about her experience, without making her ex look bad.

“But of course, he was a very nice guy, charming, he did the most with the dinners and all that then we became parents and of course things are different, you know challenges are there. We were both so new to parenthood and here I am trying to build my career in law he’s also building his career, and problems started coming in slowly by slowly but I felt like instead of getting better it got worse until whatever happened happened eventually” said Maureen.

Maureen 12Currently, Frankie is dating Corazon Kwamboka, with whom he has a newborn baby. Maureen did not let this deter her from being an awesome, beautiful mom. Instead, she handled the break up with so much class, with tenacity, and quickly embraced reality.

Maureen has been doing quite well; as she has a lot of brand endorsements, having succeeded on her own as a YouTuber and influencer. Apart from a lot of ongoing work and collaborations, she has been on a travel run, visiting exotic locations in the past weeks.

Above all, she has maintained a gorgeous body frame, managed to tone her body, and is seemingly bouncing back to her youthful looks. The model, lawyer and mom is indeed the finest mother in Kenya. And we have an assortment of photos to prove it:

Maureen definitely sizzles a whole lot of s.e.xiness in all her photos. We are definitely loving her good looks and amazing energy.

And to top it all off some great b!kini shots.

Maureen Waititu 3 Maureen Waititu 2 Maureen Waititu

Looking good Maureen, no wonder Corazon is back at working hard in the gym so soon after her baby. Its’s definitely getting hot.

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