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Fena Gitu comes out as she confirms Lesbian rumors in new video

Fena Gitu has indeed given us a reason to talk thanks to her latest video shared on her Youtube channel. Although the video is from her latest song dubbed Siri unleashed; we have every reason to believe that she may have chosen this particular song to confirm her s.e.xuality.

Fena Gitu SiriAs for now we cannot confirm whether this is true or not but from the Video’s contents we cannot help but ask ourselves whether she used the song to come out. If indeed this song was aimed at announcing her s.e.xuality after years of fans speculating that she could be interested in fellow women.

The video shared on her Youtube channel and Instagram page has attracted all sorts of comments from fans. There are those who applauded the lady for coming out; while others couldn’t help but point fingers at the lass and video vixens.

This comes barely 2 weeks after Chimano introduced the love of his life through a photo shared by Bien. As seen on the post and an interview done by Chimano a few days ago; the stylish fella revealed that he had a few issues while growing up but he never knew what they were.

FenaYes, he was born special and above all was able to embrace himself despite the name calling on social media. Well, his s.e.xuality is no longer a topic after years of many trying to find out what he was; and of course, nothing really changed as he continues to be the same man we know!

Fena 2

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Diamond’s ex Tanasha is making moooooves. We don’t mean that she’s just good at dancing; we mean real money moves.

Not all of Diamond’s exes have had major success like her. Some are still in the limelight but not doing as much as her.

Tanasha has managed to have a stellar career of her own, churning out hit songs. Haters thought she was a one-hit-wonder who was thriving under Diamond’s shadow.

Tanasha DonnaWell, the 24-year-old is now riding high with her latest song featuring Masauti. The song, titled, “Liar” has already hit 1 million views, a week after it was released. Read more……….

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