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Akothee’s major clap back silences haters – check out her extravagant kitchen (Video)

Singer and philanthropist, Akothee lives life on her own terms and unapologetically so, but when you think she has not upgraded enough to your perceived standards, then you just dug your own grave.

The melanin-skinned beauty has declared war on her trolls who dissed her kitchen space for being too simple and traditional unlike what one would expect of a celebrity of her kind of status.

Currently residing in her home in Rongo, the businesswoman who knows every corner of her house, decided to take fans and her critics aboard an exclusive tour of her flashy kitchen and test what more they had to rubbish about her properties.

AkotheeWith a machete in hand, an enraged madam boss sharpened her tools of war ahead of a big fight. She poured it all an angry rant, screaming at the top of her voice I’m not sure how next-door neighbors handle it but she sure is extra.

From her steel fridge-freezer to her boldly painted kitchen cabinets, to the polished surfaces and floor & wall tiles, the singer had had enough bashing “you can’t update my life with bundles 💃💃”.

Complete with a chips machine, dishwasher and dryer, in-built grill and microwave. For her, it was up to her to decide whether she would wash utensils or have them go into the dishwasher. Whether to cook with her charcoal jikos or to use the grill or gas. Check it out;

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