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Vivian attacked for her horrible comments towards Azziad who refused to work for her for free

Tik Tok queen Azziad Nasenya, has locked horns with singer Vivian while trying to promote her new song with Stivo Simple Boy “Simpo Simpo.”

The singer was angry after Azziad, who commands a huge following in the new social media platform, demanded she first pays if she wants her song promoted on the platform.

Speaking to Jamal Gaddafi in a virtual interview on social media, Vivian went on to point out that Azziad shouldn’t be charging her because she’s still very young in the business.

Azziad Nasenya“I was a little bit surprised by her response because she came just the other day, our song is doing well but she did not even bother to dance to the music.”

“Kuna influencer at the moment anavuma sana pale TikTok and tulimuongelesha tukamuuliza kama anaweza share hii song yangu na Simple Boy na akasema lazima tumlipe. I was a little bit surprised because amekuja sahizi na song yangu inafanya poa already,” said Vivian in the interview.

Masses are tired of the commonly adopted stereotype that before your star shines, you need exposure and if you can offer it for free, then the better.

A phrase that has been used on those green in the field or those upcoming talents and that has become one too many an abused statement in the public sphere by the ‘seniors’ against their ‘juniors’.

The time for that is probably gone and with the age of the Internet any skill can be self-taught and sharped through maximum Internet use. Azziad Nasenya has become a force to reckon with in the entertainment industry, one of the most sought after young influencer and personality the country has birthed.

The comments brought about mixed reactions as some Kenyans wondered why Vivian wants the star to promote her stuff for free. Others said Azziad she should have posted the song because she’s promoting the industry.

Vivianne and Stivo“Sijai skia mtu anaongea ufala kama huyu manzi Vivian. Kwani yeye akiambiwa aende a perform for free atakubali ? Wanajaribu kubeba Azziad ufala sasa,” said a fan.

@viviankenya if @AzziadNasenyaasked you to go perform at her function, would you do it for free?
The Fusionist @Wahshdj Haiya! Kwani how long is a creative supposed to “stay” in the industry before they start getting paid? Am blown!

@herine_lando I don’t know how the content creation world works but I would say get paid for what you create and promote. But also on the other hand don’t feel you are too big not to give a hand to someone who contributed to your success. What goes round must come around. My opinion.

Surprisingly, several top entertainers were not also happy about Azziad request for payment. The clash comes barely a month after Azzaid shared her rate card for those looking to advertise in her social media channels.

Azziad was charging as much as Sh100,000 for a Tiktok video and Sh50,000 for a live video on the same platform.

In addition, an advertiser will be required to pay Sh100,000, Sh50,000 and another Sh50,000 for Instagram Feed, Instagram story and Instagram Live respectively.

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