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Fake Diana Marua Facebook cons Fan of Ksh3,000

Diana Marua has urged her followers to be very careful as con men are now using her name to embezzle money from her fans.

A fan recently shared a screenshot saying that a Facebook account going by the name Diana Bahati had conned her Ksh 3,000. The fan later went to Marua’s Instagram where she has been referred to follow up on the money only for Marua to inform her she has been conned.

Diana instagram“So what’s up everybody, I hope you all are keeping well. So am just done with my work out and guys niko hapa gym. I was actually going home and then this lady that works here, actually akaniambia by the way ile story imefika wapi? So am like story gani? So she has actually been chatting with someone on Facebook book by the name of Diana Marua Bahati, claiming to be me.So amekuwa aki con watu na alikuwa akimuitisha pesa.”
It’s news fans being conned by fake celebrities’ accounts on social media. Several celebs have addressed it on their verified pages and have always urged fans to stay vigilant.

Diana and BahatiMarua urged her followers to report the account so that it can be blocked.

“Guys I will not even lie,.yaani hii story imeni disturb sana

“Yaani am so pained by this person. People out here are struggling to make ends meet, are struggling to provide food on their table, they are struggling to buy that outfit, look good, buy that shoe, just keep moving in life. And then wewe umekaa hapo chini kwa laptop yako ama simu, your are conning people using my name or Bahati’s name or someone’s else name who is popular.”

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