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William Ruto posting photos with late Moi’s PA received with mixed feelings

Deputy President William Ruto on Thursday posted pictures of him and the late President Daniel Moi’s press secretary Lee Njiru.

Njiru was the former director of the Presidential Press Service during Moi’s tenure as President.

In the pictures posted on Thursday, Ruto was seen interacting with Njiru before they took pictures standing together.

“Down memory lane with veteran journalist …. His is a story of consistent brilliance, illustriousness, commitment to quality, loyalty and dedication to Service,” Ruto posted.

He added “Njiru is a star, a legend and a gentleman whose contribution to the public service is worth emulating.”

It is not clear why Ruto posted the pics but the deputy president had a frosty with the former president in Moi’s final years.

Ruto and Njiru 3The two could not see eye to eye even until his death early this year.

His post left many Kenyans with mixed reactions.

@Kams_nation said ” Your Excellency Sir, you are a great person, man of the people. We love you because you care. This man Njiru has a lot in the Presidential Service Unit. His work speak for himself, please hold his hand.”

“He will advice you in humility which is a foreign word in Karen. Respect the president but it is too late. Sahau State House,”@WanjiruKinyan11 said.

@AmThePaul said “No wonder Gidion and his siblings sidelined this gentleman. Today I have got my answer.”

@Alicia_Akeys said “He must have written a lot about YOU from since the days when the late Pres. Moi handpicked you from The UoN and tactically introduced you to the World of Politics. He’s best placed to author your memoirs sir.”

“Interesting that you met him a day when we are celebrate freedom from the old Katiba, the katiba that you used to form YK92,”@SamNdegwa said.

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In February, Ruto disclosed the genesis of the perceived bad blood between him and the departed President Daniel arap Moi.

Ruto admitted there was friction between him and the former President and that this has spilled over to his relationship with Senator Gideon Moi.

There is also no love lost between Gideon and Ruto who are fighting for control of the vote-rich Rift Valley ahead of the 2022 elections.

According to the DP, the cordial relationship with his political mentor came to an abrupt end in 2005 when he made public his intention to run for the country’s top seat.

“A small problem developed between me and Moi in 2005. We had a meeting in Eldama Ravine and I declared that I was going to run for the President,” Ruto said.

Ruto and Njiru 2That – according to Ruto – did not sit well with Moi who had a different community succession plan.

Henceforth, Ruto and 14 others who were at Eldama Ravine, were blocked from accessing Moi’s Kabarak home.

Guards manning the gate told them in no uncertain terms that Moi was not interested in meeting them.

“Whenever we were around, we would pass by to have tea with Mzee and say hello. This time around we found the gate closed and we were told Mzee has said ‘he doesn’t want to see you’,” Ruto recalled.

The late President thereafter took him on, scathingly declaring Ruto’s intention to run for the presidency as premature.

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