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We pray before s.e.x, Jesus comes first – WaJesus Family confesses

The WaJesus Family is the true definition of the popular saying ‘start with a short prayer in everything you do’.

In a rather unexpected confession, the popular vloggers told Jalang’o in his Vlog “Bonga na Jalas” that they put prayers in everything, including s.e.x.

Jalang'o and WaJesus familyKabi Wajesus revealed that he always prays and thank God before making love to his wife Milly WaJesus.

The two vloggers are fresh of a week-long vacation in Dubai and shared a lot of different topics with Jalang’o including how they met, how they have managed to stay consistent since they started vlogging and what their careers mean to fellow Kenyan youths.

comm 1 Kabi touched on his rough journey as a young man saying that becoming born again a Christian really changed his life for the better.

According to him, he knew he was destined to be nothing unless other than a tout or just someone doing manual work.

Watch the full video below:

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