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Video of Okoth Obado’s daughter showing Kenyans the middle finger goes viral

A video of Okoth Obado’s daughter showing Kenyans the middle finger has elicited different reactions considering she has been arrested over corruption allegations.

Migori governor Okoth Obado was arrested alongside four of his kids over corruption allegations.

Okoth daughterIts while the Obado’s were being directed to a car that Obado’s daughter flipped off Kenyans a hand signal that screams “ f#ck you”.

Below are some of the reactions to the video

@Jmkmutuma: Hata hizo millioni hakuna kitu zilifanya? …Dough haiwezi buy brains lakini kacommon sense kidogo!

@WakeshoMakio: Actually I think she should have insulted us more… Because we are a fucked up nation. We know they are stealing but all we do is complain on social media. Matajiri wanazidi kuishi, maskini wanazidi kuisha.

@only_jairo: What pains me is not the middle finger….but that majority of us here will steal the same way given the opportunity.
We’ve just lost it as humanity. Only Jesus can help us.

@harrymuhia: …In prison or remand she’ll need to bring her revised standard manners manual with her or goons in there will.

@MutetiNyam: She got the balls for sure, but before the case ends, she will lack the energy to lift that middle finger again.

Also in  other news;

Robert Burale spills the beans on his relationship with Nini Wacera

It has been over a decade since the saga of Robert Burale and Ninin Wacera graced the eyes of the public. In this very contradictory incident, popular Kenyan actress, Nini Wacera came out to accuse and expose con and fake pastor Robert Burale for fleecing her.

The developing story had very many people confused wondering what kind of relationship the two had.

Robert Burale 2As usual, there is always a chance to redeem yourself or share your side of the story and Burale got the chance to do so on Jalango’s talk show where he came clean about the whole situation. The father to a teenage daughter confessed that he and Nini Wacera were good friends.

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