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Video : Armed Robbers Caught on Camera Stealing in Nairobi Supermarket

A gang of six men was caught on camera stealing from a supermarket in Lang’ata on an unknown date.

In the CCTV footage seen three of the robbers were spotted surrounding the cashier and demanding all the money that was in the cash box as well as in other hidden places.

With a gun to his head, the cashier directed one of the robbers to where the money had been hidden.

“Where is the money? Where is the money?” the robber is heard asking while slapping the cashier.

Only one shopper could be spotted in the supermarket. He was asked to lie down as one of the gang members stepped on him.

As this happened, the robber at the counter hurriedly emptied the cash boxes and gave his accomplice who was standing on the opposite side an unknown amount of money.

robberyAfter two minutes and nineteen seconds, the robbery was done and the one at the counter jumped to the other side and signaled the rest to leave.

There has been a spike in the number of robberies caught on CCTV cameras in the last couple of months.

A similar incident took place on July 15, after a gang of four men robbed a supermarket in the area around Wanyee road, Dagoretti.

In the CCTV footage, the men are seen shooting in the air in an attempt to scare the shoppers who ran out in haste as others lay flat on the ground before making out with an unknown amount of money.

If a person is found guilty of robbery, he or she is liable to imprisonment for fourteen years.

However, if the offender is armed with any dangerous weapon or is in the company of one or more persons and attempts to wound, beat, strike or use any other personal violence to any person, he shall be sentenced to death, the law says.

Watch the video of the robbery below:

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