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Robert Burale spills the beans on his relationship with Nini Wacera

It has been over a decade since the saga of Robert Burale and Ninin Wacera graced the eyes of the public. In this very contradictory incident, popular Kenyan actress, Nini Wacera came out to accuse and expose con and fake pastor Robert Burale for fleecing her.

The developing story had very many people confused wondering what kind of relationship the two had.

As usual, there is always a chance to redeem yourself or share your side of the story and Burale got the chance to do so on Jalango’s talk show where he came clean about the whole situation. The father to a teenage daughter confessed that he and Nini Wacera were good friends.
Speaking on the situation, he said,

Nini Wacera”I haven’t seen her for like 12/13 years. I would say some things to be honest, but I cannot deny that I knew her. It disappointed me when all people were concentrating on were some quarters…ooh, we wanted to have sex. It is only us who know what happened and just because I could not defend myself in the public eye, it would be foolish of me to try say some things and somebody is not here to defend themselves.”

Robert Burale 2He went ahead to rubbish claims that he would only tell his story if his alleged victim were present .However, it was not too late for the two to meet in person and settle it once and for all. Stating,

“Not everything that was said about my past was true. But I’m here [Nini] not in any other country, so let’s talk. I know there’s a lot of exaggerations but I’m holding myself back.”

Could this be it? Do we need to hear Nini’s side of the story to conclude on this issue that has been looming over our heads for over a decade? Or should we just accept that it will never be completely resolved? Only time will tell.

Lets watch this space.

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