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Pastor vows ‘no wedding if the groom hasn’t seen the bride’s face without makeup’

Controversial preacher Pastor Godfrey Migwi won’t let any love birds exchange vows in his church if the groom hasn’t seen the bride’s face without makeup.

The pastor took to social media to insist that men shouldn’t wait too long to see the natural looks of their fiancée. In fact, after three weeks, they should launch a protest because that will be too long.

“I decree and declares as a called and ordained minister of the gospel by God’s grace of this generation and as a licensed pastor in this nation through our constitution, that I will never officiate any wedding in the church if the man have not get the privilege to see the bride face to face without makeups at least three weeks in their courtship,” the past said.

Godfrey MigwiHe believes this is a path other churches should also follow because it will help reduce divorce.

“And I urge other church ministers to follow suit, this is one of the most part of the reasons people divorce akioga unaona mtu mwingine mwenye hawafanani na yule wako ulioa unakua confused #marriageworks #divorceAllover #counsellorDuty.” He said.

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