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Kenyan pressure forces Tanzanian comedian to delete photo of Brenda Wairimu’s daughter

Tanzanian Comedian MC Pilipili, who uploaded photos of actress Brenda Wairimu and rapper Julian’s daughter on social media, has finally deleted the photo after pressure from Wairimu and her fans.

On Tuesday the comedian shared a photo of the daughter’s feet on Instagram where he has 2 million followers and captioned:

“Daddys Daughter @elphina_mathias… I love you!! Balozi wa @the_edras Kipenzi cha @themathias_qute_mena.”

The photo was taken by Wairimu when her daughter was only six weeks old but posted it two weeks ago on Instagram. Wairimu couldn’t believe that someone with such a huge fanbase would actually lift a photo.

Brenda Wairimu“A public figure with about 2mil IG followers just took a picture OF MY DAUGHTERS FEET when she was six weeks old, off my IG page and used it as his own(daughters). I dunno, that’s just…..strange,” said Wairimu after Kenyans alerted her.

Kenyans pressured the comedian to pull down the post on the comment section till eventually, he deleted the photo. He hasn’t offered any apology though.

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