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Akothee admits she ruined her daughters’ happiness, but feels her ex is also to blame

Singer Akothee continues to blame both herself and ex husband, Jared for ruining their daughters happiness when they were still young. If you follow up with Akothee, you realize that her youth was not as merry as those of other girls!

This is because she got married at the age of 14 years; and by the time she was 18 Akothee already had children keeping her busy in the house. She however says that life as a housewife back then was not hard but manageable; since hubby Jared always made sure they had paid their bills on time.

Akothee daughtersHowever things changed after a while and according to Akothee; her ex first lay his hand on her after she came home drunk. The singer says this is after being lied to by a friend – but hey, this was just the beginning of the wake up.

Akothee daughters 3Akothee blames Jared too
Anyway with how things turned out, raising her daughters without a father; the singer says she can blame no one else but herself! As seen on one of her posts, she also holds her ex husband accountable for running their girls lives. She wrote;

Jared and daughterI & Jared played a part in ruining our children’s happiness while growing up; we broke their hearts to the core 💔I know; and we all know that it can never be the same.

In conclusion, it is good to know that the 3 girls forgave their mum and dad and life for them remains the same.

Inside them, there are broken girls ,thank God they forgave us and we are living as a family now.

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