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Thirdway Alliance party leader Dr. Ekuru Aukot suspended

The Thirdway Alliance party has suspended its party leader Dr. Ekuru Aukot over financial impropriety and lack of transparency to party members.

Aukot’s fate was decided by a resolution made by National Executive Committee (NEC) following a meeting held on Wednesday at the party’s headquarters.

During the meeting, NEC considered complaints raised against Aukot by party members, including self-enrichment, non-accountability and lack of transparency.

Aukot has also been claimed to have assaulted his deputy Dr. Angela Mwikalio using crude words which were later published by online bloggers.

Thirdway allianceHe has also been accused of defying a court order in a children’s case, hence violating Chapter Six of the Constitution of Kenya.

The party’s NEC suspended Aukot indefinitely and barred him from representing or transacting any business on behalf of the party.

Aukot has been directed to appear before the party disciplinary committee at a later date to be communicated.

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