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Remembering Aaliyah, 19 years on talks commence to release her music

Aaliyah’s estate announced that they are currently working on a deal to bring the late R&B artist’s music to digital platforms. The announcement was made by the official Twitter account of the singer. The caption for the tweet goes: “Official message from the Estate of Aaliyah Haughton. Thank you for your continued love and support!”

An image was uploaded along with the Twitter post and was addressed to loyal fans:

Aaliyah 2“We are excited to announce that communication has commenced between the estate and various record labels about the status of Aaliyah’s music catalog, as well as its availability on streaming platforms shortly.”

This will not be the last tweet regarding the subject seeing that it ends with “more updates to come!”

Aaliyah died in a plane crash back in 2001 after filming the music video for “Rock the Boat” single. Yesterday,August 25 was the 19th anniversary of her death when the actress-singer was killed along with eight others. The cause of the accident points to the pilot Luis Morales III who was not only unlicensed but was also revealed to have traces of alcohol and cocaine.

Along with that, the tragic news is the fact that her music catalog was no longer available. They were on her uncle Barry Hankerson’s record label Blackground Records but had to end it due to the loss of the artist. This frustrated many fans, especially those who were not able to buy Aaliyah’s CDs and records. On top of that, the R&B singer’s discography never migrated to other digital platforms.

Aaliyah 3There were previous attempts to do so since 2012, but all failed. There were also rumors that her music would make its way to digital platforms, most likely in early 2020. Seeing that it is mid-2020 and that the release never happened, it is safe to assume that fans can finally hear Aaliyah’s discography either in late 2020 or in the following years.

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