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Original Copy is DJ Cuppy’s expression of being unapologetically herself

“For years everyone has known me as this DJ/artist/producer but I’ve never had a body of work. It’s always been difficult for me to find that balance between playing music and making music. This album is me giving myself and giving the world something new by pushing the envelope.”

The album title is a play on words and explores the contradiction that is “original copy”.

“There is no copy of you where anyone can replicate who you are. I live by the quote: ‘You are born into this world as an original, so don’t die as a copy.’ That’s what I’m doing: living each day to the fullest.”

Cuppy, whose real name is Florence Ifeoluwa Otedola, went back to her roots to make the album truly authentic.

“I come from Epe, a small town outside Lagos in Nigeria, and mixed with the locals. I visited my family’s farm and recorded lots of ambient sounds.”

The album was inspired by natural occurrences. The first single on the album is called Jollof on the Jets, and came about when Cuppy was doing just that, eating jollof (rice) on a jet.

“The first record is my hometown (Epe), Wale is about me falling in and out of love, Cold Heart Killer is the bad a** chick Cuppy, and as you go down the album it’s an inspiration from every environment I have been in.

“The song 54 is about the countries in Africa, and Labalaba is about letting go and being at peace.”

Jollof on the Jet features Rema and Rayvanny, artists who are making names for themselves on the continent.

“I am being myself on the album and being vulnerable. One thing that has stood out is my voice. I got vocal training because I wanted to make sure that I was ready to really step up and level up. I think the fans will be impressed by my vocal range and me expressing myself in an emotional way.”

Cuppy has warmed up to the virtual space, as it allows her a lot more attention.

“In the outside world we’re often distracted, and these intimate settings feel like conversations are more in depth. As a creative, I’m more relaxed because sometimes you get distracted by the noise.

DJ Cuppy 3“A lot of artists are nervous to put out music. Music is a healer. There’s never been a better time to support and create strength through sound.”

The intro song, Epe, is inspired by sounds of South Africa, including amapiano.

“On the record is a voice note that Efya sent to me when I was really down. During this record I got anxious and depressed; this voice note really lifted me up.”

As an African artist living out her dreams in London, Cuppy is turning her losses into wins.

“As a woman, all the things that were used against me are now my strengths. Back when I started as a female DJ, they thought women couldn’t DJ. Now people are listening to what I have to give because my perspective is different as a woman.

“I still think women are better multi- taskers. As a female it has been a journey, and it still is.”

Cuppy can’t wait to get back on stage and hear people sing her songs and shoot some of the album videos in South Africa.

“My legacy has always been to do what I do so well that it can open the doors for other Cuppys around the continent who have been told they can’t do it, to prove people wrong.”

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