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Njugush surprises wifey with a brand new whip

Kenyan top comedian, Njugush has had a good run ever since he took a major step to venture into the world of comedy. He has been able to afford and live a lifestyle that is pretty decent with nothing but the stars in sight for even a bigger goal.

Now after years of hard work and sweat, he has decided to celebrate some of his milestones,in particular his wife Wakavinye whom he has gifted a brand new ride to the shock and surprise of many as they never saw it coming. The expensive German made brand was a sign of him expressing the love he has for the wife, and also a sign of gratitude for her undying support.

Celestine NdindaNjugush drove a sleek white brand New Mercedes Benz E series edition into their home in Ruiru, romantically wrapped with a red ribbon to the front of the house. Dressed to the tees, he stepped out of the new ride and called out to his wife to run to the front of the house. In his statement, he echoed the fact that he wanted to upgrade her.

Celestine who showed up with a blind fold could not believe what was in front of her when the blind fold was finally taken off. Right there in-front of her, stood the parked brand new ride.

The excited Celestine could not believe she had been gifted this brand new baby and needed confirmation from Njugush if this was a joke or not. After realizing that the car was indeed her, she checked it out and expressed she could not wait to hit the road and test drive her new baby.

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