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Huddah Monroe’s relationship deal breaker, you wont believe what it is

Resident controversial socialite and entrepreneur Huddah Monroe is known for blabbering out the most confusing statements that usually get people wondering and questioning if she is for real or she is just trying to ‘catch cruise’ and attention.

Early this year, she shared her sentiments on broke men and clearly wants nothing to do with them. She went ahead to state that that kind of man is not meant for her.

Huddah Monroe“Deez niggaz can only afford weed and d*** and y’all having babies for dem? Id abort that child with my pinkie! No cap! F*** ya opinion!i’m not about to bring an idiot into this world knowingly! God Forbid! I don’t mind people being broke. I’ve been there and I don’t mind having broke friends. I hate when broke people act rich. Nigga act your wage”

She has now come out to confess that she will never breakup with a man she is dating simply because he has cheated.A couple of shots from her Insta-stories, insinuate that the only people she doesn’t entertain in her life are broke and stingy men

“I will never break up with a man for cheating! LOL! Stingy, yes, I’m done. Day 1! Bye! Bye was nice to meet you” stated Huddah Monroe.

She also goes ahead to challenge the narrative that men tend to cheat on good women with girls that are way below their league and advises her followers to focus on only wants make them happy as individuals and ignore society’s opinions.

“Men cheat on good women with a girl who got a necklace from the Hair store that say ‘Bossy. In life Always so what makes you happy! Fuck what anybody think.”

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