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“Diamond Platnumz doesn’t support his son” – Tanasha Donna speaks out

Singer Tanasha Donna and ex Diamond Platnumz have not been communicating since their breakup early this year; following a few issues with the in laws.

According to Tanasha Donna, Diamond Platnumz mum was too involved in their relationship; to a point where the young singer could not make his own decisions. She was then forced to walk out on the singer and since then Tanasha says Baba Naseeb has not been sending any support!

Tanasha and DiamondOnce again the young mum opened up about the matter while on a recent interview with one Tony Mwirigi. The journalist went on to ask Tanasha whether co parenting was working between them. To our surprise turns out that there has not been any communication between the two parents.

According to Tanasha she cannot force the singer to be involved in their son’s life! For this reason, asking for child support would be begging the fella to help his son when he should already be responsible for ensuring he lives right!

Tanasha and Diamond's sonThe young mum said;

If you support, you support from the heart. Ili i prefer usinisupport kama I have to force you to support.

Well, unfortunately for Tanasha… it seems that she will have to bow down before Diamond Platnumz decides to help out his son. Just like Zari, the lass has been trying to prove that she can stand on her own two feet without Simba’s help; but sometimes even the strongest of all beings needs help one way or the other.

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