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Akothee dishes out more of her failed marriage – “the love ended without notice”

There is no smooth marriage in life! In fact I believe life gets harder when one decided to commit themselves to another and Akothee will tell you this for free!

Married at 14 years, Akothee did not enjoy her youth so much as she got pregnant; and by the time she realized life as a married woman can never get easy – she had already mothered 3 girls with Jared.

Yes, at first life seemed okay and even though there were problems here and there; they always overcame them as a family. However with time things started to change but little did she know that this love boat would be shaky all through.

Akothee and Jared getting married“My own Jared was and still a humble man, he was never violent ,he had never beaten me up in front of our children, I don’t remember when we argued, we lived in harmony ,most people admired our family life ,yes we were not really broke but we were trying ,Jared was earning a salary of 15,000 ksh as an accountant,with this money ,we had to manage our 3 daughters, and live the life we understood.”

Aiming for the good life
Having married early, there are a few things Jared and Akothee could not achieve; but this did not stop her from aiming at the good life. Through her instagram page, the la went on to reveal how selfless Jared was towards his family; and for such small reasons she remains grateful to date.

His small salary covered their bills and clothed his children; making it hard for the neighbors to tell whether they were struggling on the low. This motivated Akothee to step in as a housewife since they couldn’t afford a house help.

Apart from being the perfect wife, Akothee goes on to reveal that she had always been submissive to her husband. She not only cooked but ironed, brushed his shoes and ensured his bath water was ready right before he sat down to eat.

Akothee and children“Jared would bring food Every Time he came from a trip, he knew my weakness was the kitchen, he never ate at the neighbors, he always rushed home for lunch 🙏 I prepare his bathing water ,and by the time he comes from the bathroom his cloths and shoes well ironed and shoes brushed ,when he was ready in the bedroom, breakfast was ready for him on the table.”

Speaking about the first time she was beaten, the singer says she was influenced to by a friend to take alcohol;

“It’s unfortunate that the love ended without a notice. That’s the only time violence appeared, His attention was diverted and I felt left alone 🙆; so a friend of mine gave me alcohol and I came home drunk. That’s when ja SDA beat the hell out of me 🤣, Jared knows No violence. It was triggered by confusion, I had never told my children this. I was waiting for the right time to tell them why violence emerged after living peacefully for 10 solid years with their father. Some of my friends ,cheated and mislead me; one of them who used to cheat on her husband🙄. lied to me to save her number as if she is my boyfriend , so, she was to call me midnight and make Jared jelouse; on the other hand she alerted Jared too. That I have a boyfriend🙆 who calls at midnight, be careful with WOMEN.🙏”

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