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Things get heated as a photo of Kevin Omwenga and Tanasha Donna getting cosy surfaces

Following the controversial death of Kilimani flashy businessman Kevin Omwenga, background checks to his lifestyle and close connections have been brought to light.

Based on his monied lifestyle, young age and sense of fashion, Omwenga was no lie a ladies’ man, spotted on several occasions hanging out with young sassy ladies in high-end clubs, restaurants and entertainment places. He was rumored to have an ex-lover who has been trending for the better part of the weekend but there are yet more ladies still being unveiled.

Kevin and ex Babz JumaTanasha Donna is the latest victim, closely associated to the tycoon well known to be a party animal, after a photo of the two together emerged online. Seemingly in an entertainment area, chilling out together, the songstress paraded her juicy thighs and chest, while leaning onto a dear Kevin, then posed for the moment.

Kevin and Tanasha DonnaThe latest development, has had the internet erupt with netizens sharing mixed reactions regards Tanasha alias Aisha’s past high-end life with the who’s and the who’s. According to one fan, Tanasha and Kevin’s friendship started way back in 2014.

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