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Prosecution seeks 14 days to detain the Kevin Omwenga murder suspects pending completion of investigations

Chris and Robert

Businessman Chris Obure and Robert Ouko were on Monday arraigned at the Kibera Law Courts over the shooting of Kevin Omwenga at Galana Suites in Kilimani, Nairobi.

In a miscellaneous application filed before the court, the prosecution sought for 14 days to detain the two suspects pending completion of investigations.

Principal Magistrate Derrick Kuto is set to rule on the application on Tuesday, August 25.

Investigating officer Bashir Boya told the court he is yet to record statements from the key witnesses, taking of finger prints, photo profiling and taking the two suspects for DNA sampling for analysis by the government chemist and also mental assessment.

Robert bodoThe prosecution further submitted that a postmortem on the body of the deceased was yet to be conducted to establish the cause of the death.

“The continued detention of the two suspects is necessary for the furtherance and finalizing of the investigation. Their release could lead to further interference with the ongoing investigations,” reads the miscellaneous application.

The affidavit by Bashir Boya also revealed that the firearm used in committing the said killing belongs to Chris Phillip Obure who is a licensed firearm holder.

On Sunday, Robert Ouko, the main suspect in the death of businessman Kevin Omwenga, on Sunday recorded a statement with detectives, claiming that the shooting was accidental.

Ouko, who works as businessman Chris Obure’s personal body guard and is also not a licensed gun holder, denied any altercation with the deceased saying they were good friends.

According to detectives, however, the trajectory of the bullet head that is suspected to have pierced through Omwenga’s heart and hit the wall before ricocheting to his bed rules out the possibility of an accident.


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