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Pics : Rights activists arrested in Mombasa as they protest against alleged theft of Covid-19 funds

Rights activists in Mombasa on Tuesday engaged police in cat and mouse games as they protested against the alleged theft of Covid-19 funds.

Police officers were forced to lob teargas canisters at the activists but this did little to dampen their spirits.

Mombasa demosSome of those arrested in the demonstrations included Muhuri’s rapid response officer Francis Auma and Lucas Fondo.

Mombasa demos 2The third arrest was that of a university student, who was picked as Muhuri chair Khelef Khalifa and Kituo Cha Sheria’s Zedekiah Adika were addressing the press.

Mombasa demos 3The presser was disrupted as a police officer hurled a teargas canister right in the middle of the crowd.

Demos 2Adika, who is also an advocate, tried in vain to get the university student released.

Demos in Mombasa 4The Tuesday demos come a day after human rights activists in Kisumu and Nakuru held similar protests demanding for arrest and prosecution of those involved in the alleged theft and loss of billions of Covid-19 funds.

Demos in MombasaThe demos dubbed #ArrestCovid19Thieves saw the human rights defenders sing and dance along the major streets of Kisumu as they demanded for justice.

Covid thievesUnder the umbrella of Kenya Tuitakayo movement from different social justice centers within the county, the activists said they were perturbed by the looting of the Covid-19 funds.

Covid-19 thievesThey called on President Uhuru Kenyatta to address the nation on the allegations of corruption and announce transparency and accountability measures to be undertaken to safeguard resources against further theft and bring those implicated to book.

Three human rights activists were arrested during the street demonstrations in Nakuru to pressure for government action against corruption especially on the alleged plunder of billions of meant for mitigating the pandemic.

A similar demo was also carried out in Nairobi last week.

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