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Khaligraph accused of having selfish intentions after his open letter to President Kenyatta

It is undoubtedly true that the COVID19 pandemic has hit really hard on people’s daily lives especially when it comes to the economy, and if individuals had any mandate to decide if they really need to get back to work, they would automatically choose to open shop and get back to work but the situation does not allow it at the moment.

KhaligraphNow, Khaligraph Jones has taken it upon himself to stand up and speak on behalf of the people through an open letter he has written to the president of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta asking him to let Kenyans get back to work because poverty is biting hard and the virus might not be going anywhere anytime soon.

”@ukenyatta Kindly on behalf of the Creative Industry of Kenya we are Requesting that you allow us to get back to work, allow for the reopening of Clubs and Restaurants. Measures and precautions shall be Taken to ensure Covid 19 doesn’t further spread.”

At the moment , Clubs, restaurants, concerts, tours among others are still called off until further notice which has seen majority of entertainers shut out from making money and business owners restricted to working remotely which is an uphill battle at the moment.

A couple of businesses have however resumed their daily schedules and are re-opened to operate as usual but the artists are far from being thought of as their kind of business involves large crowds coming together which is very risky as one of the conditions to reduce the spread of the disease is to avoid large gatherings.

That fact, has forced musicians to fight for their right to perform again and earn money, and some of these artists including Femi One, Masauti, Jua Cali among others have come out to support Khalighraph Jones on his stance.

Their sentiments have however attracted severe backlash from Kenyans who felt this was very selfish of them to think that way, and care less about innocent Kenyans who will be subjected to contracting the virus under such circumstances.

Here is some of the comments.

“nonsense, this’ malicious thoughts when we’re fighting an enemy, relax there’s time for everything, after we overcome they’ll open and you shall work, what if they open nobody turns up, jali maisha kwanza😢”

“Uhuru please lock until next year💪💪💪💪”


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