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Jalang’o Twiiter account hacked, huge cash prize on offer if you can retrieve it

It’s been a few days since Capital FM presenter, Joey Muthengi lost her instagram account to hackers,and not so long after that, another influential media personality, Jalang’o has been dealt the same blow.

Joey came out to share that her account had been hacked stating,

”Hey friends, it appears my account has been compromised/hacked. Please do not agree to any seemingly lucrative deals on my behalf. I will open a new account soon. I hope you will follow me there. All the hugs. Whoever you are, you won. I hope this helps you sleep at night. Take the account, I pray it brings you Coro… I mean… happiness. I will not ever pay a bribe for that which is mine… not in this lifetime,”

It looks like Joey has given up on recovering her account as she told the hackers that they had won, but Jalang’o will not let that slide and is more determined to get his account back. He has now offered a sum of 50K to anyone that can help him recover his account.

Jalang'oThe twitter account in question ,(@Jalangomwenyewe) has over 500K followers and was last updated on June 21st, 2020 before he lost it to hackers.

“Guys please help me report this Tweeter account!! My account is verified! To date it’s still hacked ! I have done everything trying to recover it! I haven’t tweeted for long! This parody account is burning! Anachoma!! They have also started conning people too! Pls avoid any tweet from this account!! Swipe to see my account!! I also have 50K reward for anyone who will help me get my account back!”IAM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY TWEET FROM THIS PARODY ACCOUNT!” warned Jalang’o.

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