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Fear making Kenyans shy away from hospital as weekly hospital visits drop by 200 000

CAS Rashid Aman has urged Kenyans to visit health facilities when they have malaria.

“Whenever one develops malaria symptoms which are similar to those of Covid-19, they should present themselves for medical attention at our various health facilities, instead of self-medicating,” he said.

Speaking during his daily brief on Tuesday, Aman said malaria symptoms are similar to those of coronavirus.

“…and these can present clinical , diagnostic and management problems ,” he said.

Malaria symptoms include fever, weak joints, lack of appetite, which are similar to the symptoms of coronavirus.

“… the majority of people have these symptoms and may be suffering from malaria but shied away from hospitals. This has posed great danger to their health,” he said.

MosquitoAnnually, about five million individuals are treated for malaria each year in Kenya.

Health facilities have been treating about 300,000 people for malaria every week.

But since the Covid-19 pandemic struck Kenya in March, that number has reduced to about 100,000 people being treated weekly.

“We need to get people to visit facilities anytime that they feel they have symptoms of malaria,” Aman said.

He noted that the drop in people visiting the facilities is attributed to fear and stigma.

“Our medical research experts, however attribute this drastic drop to the fact that, majority of those who develop malaria symptoms have been self-medicating themselves, by purchasing drugs from chemists,” he said.

Rashid Aman“The other reasons could be fear of being tested for Covid-19 or fear of contracting Covid-19 when visiting our health facilities.”

Meanwhile, a Chinese firm made a Sh73 million donation of anti-malarial drugs.

Kenya recorded 246 Covid-19 cases from 4,149 samples tested in the last 24 hours, bringing to 32,803 the number of confirmed positive cases.

Cumulative tests now stand at 429,513.

From the cases, all are Kenyans except five that are foreigners. In terms of gender, 170 are males and 76 females.

The youngest case is a two-year old baby while the oldest is 77.

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