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Kevin Omwenga was killed just a few weeks after rejecting an offer to partner with Tanasha – manager reveals

Tanasha Donna and businessman Kevin Omwenga, who was shot dead on Friday night in Nairobi’s Kilimani area, were to partner a few months ago for a charity project but he later changed his mind.

Tanasha’s manager African Castro took to social media to mourn Omwenga saying he was killed just a few weeks after rejecting an offer to partner with the singer.

African CastroOmwenga wanted to be part of Tanasha’s nonprofit Organization, Tanasha Donna Community Service, which she launched around May and has been looking for sponsors ever since. African Castro, however, didn’t reveal why the young businessman changed his mind.

Tanasha DTanasha has not yet shared anything on her social media pages about Omwenga though her manager wondered whether he would be dead if he had started working with them.

“Only lord knows,” he said on Instagram stories.

“I wish you took the route you wanted with Tanashadonna Community Service probably you could have been alive my G.”

African Castro instagramOmwenga, 28, was shot at his apartment on the seventh floor of Galana Suites on Galana Road by Robert Bodo Ouko after an alleged dispute over the sharing proceeds of a successfully executed fake gold con game.

Ouko later confessed to the police that the shooting was an accident and that the two were good friends. Omwenga was rushed to Nairobi Women’s Hospital in Kilimani where was pronounced dead on arrival, prompting the arrest of his friend identified by police.

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