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Governor says his shooting of ‘Katerina’ TikTok Video made some people angry

Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho has come out to defend a viral video he posted several weeks ago on TikTok.

The governor who lives on the fast lane had posted a clip on TikTok jamming to Bruce Melodie’s song “Katerina”, one of the biggest tunes in 2019.

Governor Ali HassanWe all know Joho likes promoting artists especially those from the coastal region but according to him, his TikTok post wasn’t taken well especially by people from his county.

”Katerina imeniletea shida. Hata nimeigopa hiyo wimbo sasa. Nilitumiwa messages,” Joho opened up an interview on Churchill’s “The Journey” series that airs on NTV.

According to the governor, people fail to understand that he has two sides; the leader and the civilian.

“People must understand even if you’re a leader, you have a life,” he went on.

“What is wrong if I spend two minutes to enjoy music? I’m still human and I’m allowed to enjoy and live life. I don’t work 24/7! I do what I need to do then I also have to find time for myself nianze kuimba nyimbo za kina sususmila.”

It’s true the governor likes taking time off to enjoy the art scene.

He supports entertainers and normally even funds them whenever they are between a rock and a hard place.

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