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Diana Marua questions Yvette’s parenting skills after she finds her daughter twerking

Days after Bahati’s baby mama Yvette Obura opened up about her relationship with Diana Marua, it now seems Marua might be having a few questions for Obura too following a recent encounter with her daughter Mueni Bahati.

In a post shared on Instagram, Diana exposed Obura’s parenting skills after she found Meuni twerking in the house. Diana normally picks Obura’s daughter weekly since they are co-parenting now.

Yvette Obura and daughterRecently, Diana returned home only to find Mueni twerking in front of the other siblings something that left Marua laughing and rather confused.

In the video, Bahatis adopted son Morgan is seen reporting Mueni to Diana claiming that she is spoilt as the innocent little girl continued to dance.

Diana Marua instagram“Mueni ameharibika, ndio huyu mom! . Mueni ameharibika completely.” Morgan said

Diana wanted to know who has been teaching her how to dance to which she replied that it has been her mum.

“Mueni umeharibika? nani anakuonyesha kudance hivyo?” Diana asked.

Diana Marua instagram 2“Ni mamangu ananifundisha kudance,” said the young girl.

The post comes just days after Yvette opened up about her relationship with Bahati insisting that the two don’t talk much and are not friends. Marua just picks up Mueni at her place and that’s it.

Yvette, who was speaking to her followers on instastories on Instagram, also said that she’s not jealous of Marua and has never tried going back to Bahati.

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