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Depression hit Wema Sepetu very hard as she outlines how she was on the verge of suicide

Former Miss Tanzania and former girlfriend to singer Diamond Platnumz is becoming more vulnerable and sharing her life story with fans and followers. Besides talking about her love life, she has become more candid about the most difficult issues of her past life including hitting rock bottom and contemplating suicide.

In a new segment of an interview she did with Wasafi TV on The Trendy show. The model opened up about her lowest moments and shared how she battled depression with the help of her mother, Miriam, whom she ran to for solace and guidance during the tough times.

Wema SepetuAlthough she does not exactly narrate the events that led her to that situation, the actress intimates that her mother stood by her through thick and thin and unwavering support that eventually helped her dig herself out of the pits of death and depression.

“My mum has been my support system, my pillar. She has been the one giving me the strength to keep going. She believes so much in me and loves me. When I got to the point of thinking of committing suicide, I had to go to my mum’s place and stayed there for three months to just start afresh. My mum was there the whole time. She didn’t even sleep. When I woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, she would sit up and wait for me.”

Her revelation has really dug into the emotions of her fans and followers as she was able to show her most vulnerable and fragile self. Most of the people that commented on her interview showed empathy, sympathy ansd support. They hailed her for her bravery and courage to narrate such difficult and troubling events to the public and for helping other people maneuver through their own difficult situations.

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