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Tallia Oyando has men drooling at the sight of her “thunder th!ghs”

Well, Tallia is undoubtedly one of the hottest media personalities. She’s known for her unending love for reggae and eclectic fashion sense. She is also known for her sense of humor and always giving her fans positive vibes.

Also notable is the fact that she drives men crazy, literally. Her slim-thick frame is simply one to die for. She is always working out to keep fit.

She recently took to IG to flaunt her thunder th!ghs and got men drooling. Tallia donned a shirt dress and boots to match her outfit. Check it out.

Back in 2018, she took to IG to share her fitness tips. She said that she works out for 5 days every week and she always makes sure she eats well.

“I get so many questions in my DM about my workouts what do you eat, how many times do you workout. I will tell you this I try to eat small portions I am terrible at diets and my kryptonite is candy (anything gummy bear related) they are the reason I add weight when I do, its not even food its Candy lol. I try to keep away,” she said.

As if that’s not enough, a good body obviously does come with some hefty sacrifices. You just can’t sit down and expect to look good.

“I work out 5 days of the week and I recently got back to riding my bike. Start your journey today #fitlife however slow it is just start . Be your own motivation and keep telling yourself just one more just one more when you feel like you wanna give up. So anyway here I am its still June so #b00tyshortsinjune I will do better next year I will be where I want but for now I am happy,” she added in the IG post.

As of late, Tallia is part of the Radio Jambo family. She is fondly known as the ‘night nurse’ as she has always hosted late-night reggae shows. Here’s more of her photos for your admiration:

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