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MP threatens to ditch party as Raila seems to rooting for his rival

A vocal MP from one of the counties in Nyanza is a bitter man. The lawmaker who has been laying ground for a gubernatorial campaign in the 2022 polls is unhappy former prime minister Raila Odinga appears to be favouring a former MP to take over the position in the next polls. The disgruntled MP who had positioned himself as being closer to the ODM leader than his rival has now threatened to ditch the party. Given his growing influence in the county, the lawmaker enjoys considerable support among politicians. It is not until he realised that Raila preferred his rival that he started expressing fears. With Raila’s word in Nyanza almost being law, the MP’s goose could have been cooked.

A suspect from one of the counties who is on the radar of the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission last week approached the wife of a prominent and powerful politician to try and persuade him to come to their rescue. It is reported that it is only a matter of days before the county official is arrested by EACC sleuths in connection with numerous cases of corruption. The wife is said to have committed to relay their petition to her husband and revert later in the day. The lady who is equally powerful in the political cycles did not get back to the county official and neither did she pick her his calls. Now the man is on his own.

EACCA fierce fight ensued after a County MP from Rift Valley caught the boyfriend cosying up with a fellow County MP at a city hotel. The boyfriend who has a reputation of using and ditching women had lied to the MP that he will be attending a function out of town. The ugly scene played out even as the both lawmakers are grappling with personal losses. County residents had fingered the smooth operator for crashing families and minting cash. Corridors recently put the man on the spotlight for gatecrashing high profile events for photo ops with the high and mighty to peddle his influence.

A former MP from a county in Nyanza has set tongues wagging with the high number of delegations he hosts in his home. The man, who at one time was rumoured to be dead broke, has been hosting youth and women groups and dishing out cash and foodstuff for the last one month. His home has been a hive of activity. Residents are wondering when and where the ex-MP got the money ‘to feed the entire Constituency’ yet he recently pleaded with a court to allow him stagger payments to his successor following a fine after he lost an election petition.

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