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He blew Sh 14 million on a Porsche, Who was Kevin Omwenga?

Detectives are piecing evidence together to unravel the circumstances under which controversial businessman Kevin Omwenga was shot dead at his house in Kilimani estate.

Omwenga, 28, was shot at his apartment on the seventh floor of Galana Suites on Galana Road on Friday, August 21.

Police have since arrested his two friends Chris Obure and Robert Bodo who are being investigated as key suspects in the murder.

In a report by the Daily Nation, the police are looking into the possibility of the businessman having been shot in a fake gold deal gone sour.

KevinOmwenga1Preliminary investigations indicate Omwenga was shot by a man described as a “bodyguard” to one of his associates (Obure) after an alleged dispute over the sharing proceeds of a successfully executed fake gold con game.

Detectives are looking at those who were with the deceased in his last moments, his dealings and associations in recent months in what sources say was a “sudden” change of lifestyle.

Life on the fast lane

Between 2016 and 2019, Omwenga worked as a car seller in Lavington where he used to earn a commission for every sale.

He later quit the job and shortly after moved into the Galana Suites where he rented a KSh 150,000 furnished apartment.

Not only did he change his house but also was reported to have changed his lifestyle and even friends.

In early 2020, Omwenga bought a KSh 14 million brand-new Porsche Panamera whose photos were shared extensively on social media with his friends congratulating him for the bold step.

There is also a video of a lady congratulating Omwenga on buying the car.

Gun Misuse

Besides the car, another point of concern was the fact that Omwanga was dealing with serial conman Obure who has on several occasions been arrested over misuse of his gun.

The weapon believed to have been used in the killing was a Ceska Pistol serial number B156623 linked to Obure, which was found in his office on Friday night when police arrested him.

In the past, Obure had been accused at least five times of misusing his gun during his drinking sprees in the uptown estates.

In January 2019, Fire Arms Registration Board took the gun when the Interior Ministry announced a clean-up of the guns registry.

How it ended up back in the hands of Obure is a case that can best be answered by the board.

Fake Gold Deals

According to a police report that was filed by Omwenga’s brother, the deceased was in the company of two other men and a woman at house number 703 in Galana Suites.

“While in the kitchen preparing supper, he heard a gunshot from Kevin Omwenga’s bedroom, where he was with the said Robert Bodo. On rushing there, he found Robert Bodo in a hurry to leave,” read the police report.
Sources indicated Omwenga and his friends had spent the rest of the day at Glo Jet’s offices on the first floor for the better part of Friday before they retreated to Omwenga’s house in the evening to celebrate what detectives say was a successful con game.

There were also claims that Omwenga and his friends had entered a deal in which he was short-changed by his friends or he short-changed them.

Police are now seeking to find out whether proceeds from the deal were the ones used to buy the Porsche Panamera.

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