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Andrew Kibe is unhappy -“People assume that l have a small d!ck”

Andrew Kibe seems to be unhappy with people the fact that most people think he is not that ‘loaded’ down there. This does not seem to settle well for someone notoriously known for having an appetite for women.

Andrew is controversial when it comes to all matters  relating to relationships and the bedroom. He has an unfiltered mouth, which to many is a repulsive quality, but to those who love drama, this is tea.

Well Kibe had a conversation with his former workmate Xtian Dela (they both worked at Kiss 100) and he had to address a pressing issue.

When asked about the most common assumption that people have about him, he spilled the beans.

“People assume that I have a small d**k,” he said.

He however said that he was not ready to showcase his endowment to prove a point, despite crazy calls from sections of his fanbase. Perhaps they want to know if his bedroom matters expertise corresponds to the size of his manhood!

Andrew Kibe has been doing his own thing since leaving Kiss. The move was controversial as it made Jalang’o, his consequent replacement trend. Jalas had to come out to defend himself.

Andy Kibe“I am trending at number one today as we speak, the reason why I am trending at number one Andrew Kibe who is a very close friend of mine amewacha job. How I am trending …… ati sasa watu wanasema ati sasa niende Kiss sasa Andrew akafukuzwa kazi,” said Jalang’o.

He proceeded to say that he did not know about the whole thing. However, Jalas was eventually tapped for the role.

Kibe now has a YouTube show which regularly features guests to talk about random topics. Here’s a recent one. Check it out:


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