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Hamisa Mobetto responds to rumours that she is carrying Diamond Platnumz 5th child

There is nothing to read into Hamisa Mobetto being Diamond Platnumz’ got to person as a designer. This is according to the video vixen, singer and mother to Platnumz’ firstborn son, Dylan Abdul Naseeb. Speaking to Global Publishers in response to claims that her ex – Platnumz – was of recent working with her more because she is pregnant with his fifth child, Mobetto stated that the claims are further from the truth.

Mobetto explained that she is an entrepreneur out to further her fashion enterprise and reiterated that her transactions with the Wasafi Classic Baby (WCB) boss were strictly business. She underscored that she has no qualms about working with the singer nor is she moved by what others perceive of their relationship. According to the mother of two, her private life and who she associates with is off-limits.


“I have seen the reports. Is it strange if I get pregnant by him to the extent that others are spewing hate against me? I abhor people who snoop into my life. Understand this, I am a businesswoman, I work hard for my money, I can’t choose who to dress or who to work with out of fear just because social media users hold an opinion and have a perception of who I am. I do not have anything against Diamond Platnumz,” she said.

Speaking to My Style in 2019, the model opened up about motherhood and revealed that she is not done with having children. The Mobetto Styles CEO disclosed that she dreams of having a large family saying she plans to add five more children. I plan to have seven children. Our family is really small. The two, Dylan and Fantasy, and my mother – Shufaa Lutigunga – are my everything. They complete me,” she narrated.

Hamisa and kidsAsked if she was in a serious relationship, Mobetto told another local outlet that she was focusing on her brand, business and family. “I am single, I’m not in any relationship and I’m not ready for now. I’m very busy to the point that I think I cannot nurture love or give a suitor attention as required because there are things I need to get done. I am currently focused on my work, the time that remains I use it to bond with my children.”

Mobetto went on: “The kids need my full attention. I need to also channel energy into my business and other things. But that doesn’t mean that I will be single forever. There is a target, a stage where I need to be, then I will think of finding love again.”

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