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Could the Senators be double dealing between William Ruto and Gideon Moi?

Two senators from Rift Valley appear to be double dealing between Deputy President William Ruto and Baringo Senator Gideon Moi. Word has it that during the day, the senators are behaving as if they are ardent supporters of the DP while in the night, they are whispered to work with Gideon who has declared he will be running against Ruto for President in 2022. Just last week, the two senators are said to have approached Gideon to be assisted with some favours they were seeking in government. Months ago when President Uhuru Kenyatta was kicking out Ruto allies in the Senate, one is said to have visited State House and later on pretended he was not there.

William Ruto 2As the revenue formula stalemate continues to divide the political class down the middle, it has now emerged that the state has established that a political stalwart in the country pocketed an astronomical amount to support a certain direction. A bird in the know has told Corridors that some counties came together to raise the amount that was delivered by a well-known figure in the political circles at the politician’s home. The bird went on to say that the move has upset top government officials who are now mulling several options to take against the politician.

Gideon Moi 2Days after President Uhuru Kenyatta granted Cabinet Secretaries to proceed on leave, staff of one of the ministries have been taken aback as their CS has kept reporting to work daily. What has sent tongues wagging, according to the source in the know, is that the CS arrives in the office as early as 6am and also leaves the office late. This has left the staff wondering what the CS could be up to or protecting when he should be at home having good time with his family as one would ordinary do when granted leave.

Young upwardly mobile people could reap big in the imminent drafting up to the Cabinet of Chief Administrative Officers. Corridors understands the interviews have been done behind the scenes targeting youth who appear to have it all figured out. The move is meant to drown out the entrenched narrative that the old tired leaders are being recycled to influential positions much to the chagrin of the young and agile. The lobbyists are said to be looking for people who can defend the government with their blood and sweat against avalanche of attacks for its misses.

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