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Wema Sepetu drops hints on her new bae, can you guess who it is

Wema Sepetu is popularly known for dating dangerous playboy aka Father Abraham, Tanzanian famous Bongo Flava artist, Diamond Platnumz. In fact, most people might have gotten to know her only based on that mere fact.

The model and entrepreneur might not currently be dating Diamond Platnumz but the two have stayed good friends and normally support each other. The last time they were in each other’s company was at the Wasafi new artist unveiling not so long ago where the gorgeous woman stole the show with her spectacular outfit.

Wema Sepetu 2Wema Sepetu is currently in very serious relationship with a certain unknown man, and has not been so vocal about who exactly this man is, just like all the other relationships she has had where she kept the subject of her man a secret .Now thanks to her latest interview, Wema promises to introduce her new man to fans

In an interview with Tanzania’s Trendy TV show, Wema confirmed she is in a serious relationship, too good its headed towards the altar and ending in a marriage union. She then goes ahead to reveal or say give clues on what her future husband is all about revealing that the only thing stopping her from introducing him to the world is the fact that he hasn’t yet paid bride wealth.

Clearly, a new Wema we are witnessing, one who keeps her love life on the low. Guess she has learnt enough from the mistakes she has made in the past when she hastily displayed the men she was dating.

The last time she exposed her fiance, he turned out to be a conman preying on lonely single women. Their engagement was then cancelled but 3 years down the line.

We hope with this man, she has finally found the one and all ends well. All we can do is watch her love story unfold and we hope he also comes through with the bridewealth so this marriage can actually happen.

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