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Kenyans furious as foreigner shares pics on social media of local women he has slept with

Kenyans have been angered by one foreigner going by the name Mike Oliver after he allegedly shared dozens of photos of Kenyan women he has allegedly bedded.

Oliver allegedly took to social media to share about 20 photos of the women all without captions. It’s not clear whether he had s.e.x with them, however.

MIke Oliver 12


Mike Oliver 1The photos, which have Oliver posing candidly with all the women have angered a majority of Kenyans after going viral. Kenyans clashed on social media while trying to figure out who to blame; the women or the white man.

Mike Oliver 11Mike OLiver 9Mike Oliver 8Some insisted that poverty forced the women to Oliver while others argued that Kenyan women just love white men and would do anything to date them.

Mike Oliver 7

Mike Oliver 6

MIke Oliver 5“Let me struggle with my hustler for rich and poor,,wherever you r i love you Ochie whether umepata ama umekosa n nothing should change my attitude towards you so help me God,” said Mercy Mulanda after seeing the pictures.


Mike Oliver 4


Mike Oliver 3

Mike Oliver 2Here are some of the comments:

Bosaya Sly So they took photos to brag to their friends how they bagged a mzungu…I hope they will travel abroad now that flights are back😁

Nick Ede Maybe hii yote imeletwa na effects za Poverty, I stand corrected

Rembo Rembo Msungu man gives them sleepless nights in the name of great fortune. Nothing is sooooooo sweet like a woman’s own hustle.shenzi sana.

Raet De Jose And Kenyan men are shouting as if themselves are saints. Every woman loves a man believing she’s his only love, but all men are animals, black men included.

Charles Ngutu This man is no match for many Kenyan men who have the cash. The only difference is the courage to expose his catch and that is nothing odd in the west where he comes from from. Moreover here is a tourist who is leaving many locals with lots of cash. And this comes wit lots of indirect spendig in the counry

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