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Diamond’s producer, Eyo Lizer, does not like taking photos with him, you won’t believe why

While many dream of taking a photo with Tanzanian superstar Diamond Platnumz and then rush to social media to flaunt it, for Eyo Lizer, his official producer at Wasafi Records, this can actually be a nightmare.

The producer recently opened up on why he doesn’t have photos with Diamond Platnumz saying he just doesn’t feel the whole vibe.

“I’m not photophobic,” he said in an interview with Wasafi media.

“I don’t need to post, I don’t even have a photo with diamond. Most times, I do work with him and I don’t take photos.”

Eyo LizerWith little or no activity on social media, it has been hard tracking Eyo Lizer. And in the entertainment business once you can’t be tracked, rumors start to swirl.

Unexpectedly, a lot has started circulating about the popular producer.

Some were led to believe he has been fired while others heard he’s depressed. In the interview, the producer clarified all these saying her was bedridden for three weeks and people thought he had been fired.

“I was indoors for three weeks because it was malaria,” he said.

“No, I didn’t have stress. I remember when I was sick, another producer had to do my work. I’m still at WCB. I’m the official producer there. My contract is still intact.”

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