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Breeder LW smiling all the way to the bank as he bags Hennessy and Carttah endorsements

Kenyan rapper Breeder LW aka Bazenga Daddy, is rumored to have bagged 2 deals around the same time at a very hefty price that is yet to be disclosed.

The first brand endorsement is said to be with Hennessy. This endorsement also entails a virtual performance deal that is set to be announced in full disclosure as the month unwraps. Most likely, towards the end of the month, we shall be having more details on the whole deal. But for now, that is as much of what we know.

The second deal is linked to Kenyan eye wear outfit Carttah that has also tapped the ‘Ni Kubaya’ hit-maker for an endorsement deal that will see him sport their merchandise exclusively in music videos and public appearances.

Clearly, the rapper is smiling all the way to the bank and things could not have gotten any better especially at a time when most artists are struggling to make ends meet during this COVID situation where they cannot make money off concerts.

At this moment, the sky is not even the limit as the hard working musician steps into a period of grace and keeps shooting his shots at big brands. With the Hennesy deal in the bag, we can only hope he gets even bigger endorsements and deals given the exposure he is about to tap into.

Way to go Breeder LW!

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