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Sauti Sol’s Chimano unbothered by critics hurling insults at him because of his boyfriend

You must all have seen the beautiful picture shared by Sauti Sol having a good time with their family. The photo has each and every member of the band standing next to their better half and all of them happen to be in good company just like the mood of the image portrays.

However critics have come out to hurl insults and throw dirt on Chimano because unlike his other band mates who are posing next to their girlfriends, he is standing right next to his Caucasian boyfriend, something that Kenyans have not taken lightly and found the need to call him out for being gay and embarrassing himself.

Sauti Sol‘Are the first two couples?’

‘Chimano anapumuliwa hé he heee😂😂😂😂’

‘i hope the rusungu doesn’t break chimanos heart’

Chimano has however turned a deaf ear towards them and is proud to be who he wants to be. We can all agree that it took a lot of guts for him to even parade his boyfriend on social media knowing very well what would come thereafter.

For a while now, his s.e.xuality has been a hot topic with people wondering if he is gay or not mainly because of the way he carries himself which is so unconventional. For some reason, many assumed that Chimano was just shy to introduce his woman on social media; but what they didn’t know is that he was different and aware that society wouldn’t just embrace him without judging the person he truly is!

The photo has since sparked mixed reactions from fans on Social Media with some hailing him for his bravery and wishing him well while others came out to hurl insults at him and criticize him for taking that direction. Seeing the harsh comments and criticism from fans; Chimano responded in a subtle way,

His response clearly shows that he is unbothered and haters can go live their miserable lives while he thrives in the decisions he has decided to make.

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